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Why MLC FlatFee Realty?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the benefits of using MLC FlatFee Realty?

A. Try us with minimal risk – if the market is strong, your home is desirable, and we sell it quickly, you keep more of your money. We give you the opportunity to test full service brokerage and the multiple listing service…at the right price. You get to choose your commitment - the marketing plan that will work best for your home.

Q. Why use MLC FlatFee Realty instead of other full service brokerage companies?

A. Money in your pocket is the most important reason to use MLC FlatFee Realty. Service, time to sell, and experience are other reasons. With our FlatFee structure and proven marketing techniques, your home will sell in the shortest amount of time, for the highest price, at minimal cost to you. Companies who charge percentages for the sale of your home benefit significantly when your home sells quickly, not you. They may claim that years of experience and their brand name are responsible for the quick sale of your home, not effective marketing and the MLS. Some industries let you 'try' their service before you fully commit. With MLC FlatFee Realty, you can start with one package and upgrade if you need additional marketing services. If the market is strong and your home is desirable, you benefit from the quick sale; if your home needs more specific attention to detail and extra marketing to sell, you benefit by having that choice. You are in full control, and everyone wins.

Bear in mind the following when considering our answer. First of all, not all packages are right for every seller. The 'new listing' period is critical to the success of effectively marketing your home…that is why we discuss your options and packages. Second, there is significant value to hiring the right agent. In order to accomplish your goals, you need an agent who can most effectively (i) negotiate on your behalf, (ii) manage the transaction, and all the dates and deadlines contained in the contract and any additional amendments, (iii) represent you and your interests with regard to your transaction, and (iv) demonstrate market knowledge and experience in real estate sales and marketing in order to sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time. This is where we earn our fee and why you need to hire an agent. Technology has made the details of our job easier, allowing us to become more efficient. MLC FlatFee Realty is different because we pass those savings on to you.

Q. Why use your company instead of a discount broker?

A. Unlike discount brokers, MLC FlatFee Realty will evaluate your home and implement an effective marketing plan required for the effective sale of your home. Our methods for marketing homes have been proven over time since 1991, and will cause your home to sell for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. With this philosophy and our fee structure, you will walk away from the transaction with the most money in your pocket

Q. How long have you been in business? Is this a new company? Do you have experience?

A. Mitch Levinson began selling homes in Buffalo Grove in 1991. He has sold both resale and new homes in multiple states, and recently started this new concept brokerage to handle the demand of a changing, more technically advanced marketplace. While the internet helps homebuyers and sellers gain necessary information for real estate transactions, real estate professionals are now more valuable than ever in terms of marketing, negotiation, transaction management, and local market and industry knowledge. The problem, however, is that general brokers have reduced what they DO in their business but not what they CHARGE for their services. Technology and current market conditions have significantly changed the real estate industry. Consumers are more knowledgeable about real estate and better equipped to buy and sell homes; Realtors and real estate professionals are more efficient than ever before, provide different services than they ever have, but still charge the same fees. Isn't it time you kept more of your money when you sell your home?

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